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Why Engineer Lab?

Engineer Lab addresses mentorship gaps in STEM education and career development.

In Engineer Lab, students will apply learned math and science to solve real life problems. Students will learn engineering problem solving skills and reignite their passions for STEM subjects. 


In high school, students often learn important math and science without making the connection to real life problem solving.


In Engineer Lab, students will explore various engineering disciplines, enabling more informed college decisions.

High school students are tasked with selecting colleges and majors with minimal exposure to engineering and its various disciplines.


In Engineer Lab, students will explore engineering career pathways and receive both technical and career mentorship.


Once in college, the quality of professional and career mentorship, even at highly reputable research universities, can be hit or miss.

Engineer Lab offers a unique combination of a highly qualified and experienced instructor and state of the art, educational micro-experiments



Highly credentialed career engineer / technologist. 

Years of teaching experience

Career-long interest in mentoring young engineers: 

- PhD students at MIT

- College Interns

Unique set of micro-experiments based on cutting edge technologies:


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